To my kids parents and adult actors too take note:

I noticed this morning as I was searching for a replacement for my little sick girl

That numerous kids do not have their age range (not DOB) on their profiles , therefore YOU ARE NOT getting seen by me nor the clients

Also photos gosh I do not know how many times I have sent out emails saying CHANGE your childs (and adult actors too) OFTEN

Children change on a constant basis, so if I am looking for a child and see the same picture on there for over 6 months or a year I AM NOT going to call you, as I know your child has changed.

The profiles are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY hence why you make your log in and password I DONT KNOW PASSWORDS

I should not have to chase you down and say I need new photos,

Its very frustrating for me and for my clients, I have had clients say of kids as well as adults WOW thats the same photo they have had on there for a year or more, they will not pick you either

PLEASE CHANGE I am not saying go out and spend oodles of money on photos take a lovely one yourself, on your portfolio section you can add 10 other photos
AGE RANGE is vital also, once you have been approved GO INTO the profile and make sure you have ALL filled out, If you have not been getting calls most likely the age range is the issue (or the photo) when its not filled out we DO NOT SEE YOU

ADULTS PLEASE PLEASE put resumes on your profiles (and kids who have them) as well, if a client asks me I want to see their resume AGAIN it should not be my responsiblity to chase you down to get you to send me one
Even if you are a beginner, you may have done church plays, school plays, theatre , you have talents and skills put eye color, hair color, hgt wgt etc on there

Make a short one, a SMALL resume is much better than NO resume.

From now on if I have to chase you down for any of these things on your profiles ON ALL SITES (Hutson, 800, actors access, etc) I am NOT going to submit you for work, I have plenty of others who are willing and have all their ducks in a row

I appreciate all of you but again its very frustrating

If you are recommending someone to me for representation (and I so appreciate it dont get me wrong) please direct them to the website so they can follow the proper submission channels, DO NOT give them my cell phone (I have gotten I want to be repped texts) and I would prefer not on my personal facebook page, Facebook is an amazing tool for us especially in an emergency situation like this morning with issues like that I LOVE facebook , I am talking regular new submissions

But photos/resume to the agency via newtalent@hutsontalentagency.com
is much more effective


Again , if it is not take care off in a timely manner you will be placed in an inactive status

Thank you
Sylvia D Hutson
Hutson Talent Agency


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