Make sure your entire day is clear before
accepting work. This could mean you may have to reschedule a doctor's appointment or arrange a ride for your kids from school. Please understand that we cannot release you early for any reason unless there is an emergency.

Arrive early to work. Allow time to park and find the extras check-in area (where you "check-in" with the A.D. Staff (Assistant Director) and get a (voucher).

Make sure you park in the designated area.

Do not bring friends or relatives to work with you unless they have been scheduled to work.

Minors should have only one guardian per child.

Bring two forms of ID--  a
photocopy of your driver's license and social security card.

Minors should bring a photocopy of their birth certificate and social security card.

If you forget the photocopy of your ID cards or your form is incomplete, it will delay your paycheck. * Make sure you complete the I-9 form on the back.


Do not leave the set until the Assistant Director officially releases you. At this time, you will turn in the photocopy of your I.D.'s and sign out with a member of the A.D. staff.   They will give you a copy of the voucher for your records. Keep it! This is your proof of payment.

"Quiet on the set!" means just that. A noisy set creates confusion. Please, no talking on the set.

Do not wander around on the set! The people working on the set [the crew] have very specific jobs that often must be done in stressful circumstances.

Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for heavy equipment.

NEVER look at the camera when you are filming unless you are instructed to do so by the director!

Please do not disturb the principal actors! We know it is exciting to work with some of your favorite stars, but please do not disrupt their focus.

"BACKGROUND ACTION" is your cue to begin in a scene.

"BACK TO ONE" is your cue to go back to your original position.

Lunch is provided and is usually served six (6) hours after crew call. We suggest you eat a big breakfast before reporting to work. If you have a favorite snack, you may want to bring it with you to sustain you until lunch.

Leave valuables, jewelry and cash at home. We can not be responsible for anything lost or stolen on set.

You will be doing a lot of "waiting around" when the crew sets up for a new scene.

Bring something to do in your "down time." We suggest books and magazines.





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