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Hello "Wee Darlins'"...
Here's some valuable information that I would like to share with you, in hopes that it will help you on your road to success.  Check back here periodically for useful tools, and helpful hints to assist you in achieving in this industry.
                                       All the Best - Sylvia
            ALWAYS be on time for  auditions and location shoots
Allow for traffic, especially in Hampton Roads; give yourself plenty of time to get to your jobs. Please remember it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY for map questing or googling the addresses for your locations, not the agent.                                                                                                             Sylvia Hutson - Hutson Talent Agency
If your agent has given you a contact person for the shoot, please be responsible and call that number ONLY if you are lost or caught in traffic. If no number was available please call your agent immediately to let them of your situation
Please do not "not show up" for an audition if you are scheduled for a time, this looks bad on you and your agent.  If you cannot make it due to circumstances, please contact your agent immediately. In fact it is better to get to an audition at least 20 minutes earlier than your time slot to get into your audition mode. Remember you are not there to socialize find a space and rehearse your lines, you can never be too prepared.
On location shoots you usually you have to sign in, take your clothing into the wardrobe area, etc. If you are late, then it is a rush and an inconvenience to the client. Remember, they are on a tight production schedule and it is unfair to them if you do not have good time management.
Take a copy of your email notifications with you to the auditions and shoots so you can glance at it for information in case you need it. 
                                         ALWAYS be prepared
Remember once you are booked for a job and on the set, it is not "all about you". There are a lot of other factions and preparation that need to be considered, so please do not be a pain to the production company.
Have your clothing pressed and camera ready for your shoot, always bring lots of options.
Have your lines memorized, and if any research was required please make sure you've completed all the necessary research for a successful audition or shoot.  
Always have your headshot and resume with you. Get in the habit of carrying them with you at all times, you never know who you may run into on a shoot or audition!
When on location or auditions, turn OFF your cell phones; only use your phone in case of an emergency.
Most shoots are either ½ day or full day , but things happen due to weather, locations,  etc, so do not make other plans close to the your shooting schedule. Your shoot may run over time, and you are getting paid to work, and obligated to complete the job, so do not get annoyed or "need to leave", that is very unprofessional ... Be flexible. 
                                        Help your Agent Help YOU ...
Get in the habit of always checking your emails and returning your agent's calls.
Remember you are not only representing yourself but your agent, and even though this is a large industrty, it really is a small world and you will run into the same crew, actors and directorss over and over again. So if you prove yourself difficult on set, it WILL get around to your agent, casting directors, crew and directors and they will not want to work with you.
In regards to submissions, your agent does submit you but if you are not chosen by the client, your agent cannot FORCE them to pick you. It is not your agents fault if you are not picked.  The clients know in their minds who they like and who they want.
An agent will usually only get feedback if you a client selects you or if you misbehave.When you are not selected, the client usually does not tell the agent, why you were not picked.
Never call your agents cell phone UNLESS it is an emergency. As your agent, remember, I am working to secure clients, who in turn provide opportunities for you.

                              SPECIAL SECTION FOR PARENTS

Due to recent events, even though it is explained during our initial meeting.  I feel this is a MUST address for parents...................... 

Do not be a stage parent. The director and the child knows what to do. Stay away from the set unless specifically asked if you would like to watch

PRINT WORK is usually  hourly therefore you get paid by the hour.

ACTING WORK ie: Industrials, film, television, commericals are paid a flat fee for either a 1/2 day (5 hours or less) or a full day (5-10 hours)

Bring something constructive to do, whether it is sitting reading a book and relaxing or doing work on your laptop

DO NOT COMPLAIN OR BOTHER THE CREW Parents this is a MUST, they are extremely busy and should not be bothered with a parent complaining about sitting there waiting. ITS THE BUSINESS

In this area, you will run into the same crew over and over again on different jobs ,if you were difficult on set, believe me , it WILL get around and back to the agent.

Remember this is for your child not for you. You do not want your child to suffer because you were difficult

DO NOT gripe to other parents or kick up a fuss, this DOES get back to the agent, and as an agent makes them VERY HESITANT about calling your child for a job again

When attending an open call please ask questions as to the content of the production, and what it will entail for your child if they get picked for the project, and if it is known at that time by either the casting director or the agent then they can tell you, but sometimes they are the last to know exactly what the project is about in an OPEN CALL AUDITION



Then this business is not for you or your child


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