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Genre: Drama

UPM: DeLora Lambert

Director: Sandra Demetrius

Casting Director: Jenna Black

2nd Assistant Director: Olivia Williams

Title: "BRAVERY" Thesis film


Synopsis: Little Benjamin Avery loves everything about space and all things NASA, especially when his dad was chosen for his first flight to the International Space Station. As career day approaches at school, choosing a topic should be easy, that is, until Ben learns of his father's death during the astronaut mission. Now Ben and his mom Alice are left trying to figure out how to move forward.

SHOOTING DATES: January 25-28, 2018 or February 1-4, 2018

AUDITIONS/ CALLBACKS: January 16, 2018

TIME: 3:30pm- 8:30pm Please request a 20 minute appointment slot

LOCATION: Initial audition is online via video submission.

LOCATION FOR CALLBACKS: Regent University Virginia Beach, Virginia Room TBA

Casting for:

*[Ryan Avery] [GENDER: Male] [Age: 29-38] - A celebrated astronaut, Ryan Avery was esteemed by many people in his community. He beat all odds to join the NASA space group, only to die in an accident during his first mission.

**[Ben Avery] [GENDER: Male ][AGE: 7-9] - Always full of creativity and energy, Ben loves learning. Ben is extremely proud is what his father was doing and even discovered his own passion for science. However, the moments he cherished the most became increasingly rare - with just him and Dad, having fun. Now, Dad is gone, and Ben can't help but build up anger inside.

[Alice Avery] [GENDER: Female] [Age: 29-38] - Intimidatingly capable, Alice Avery could have easily been a CEO of her own corporation, happy to step down only to support her husband's massive dreams. She is smart, resourceful, and proud of her home. But perhaps with her laser focus, she forgot something terribly important along the way.

[Owen Reid] [GENDER: Male] [Age: 29-35] - (Military build desired but not required) A former US Air Force pilot and now NASA astronaut, Owen is not afraid of pushing things to the limit. He and Ryan became like brothers in training together. Ryan sees how important it is for the family to move forward, but first he has to get through the brick wall that is Alice.


* NOTE for RYAN AVERY: Ryan may not have a speaking role, but will be seen via photograph, a "newscast" or "hologram." However, even in his absence, Ryan will play a pivotal role.


**NOTE for BEN AVERY: If auditioning for the role of Ben Avery please complete and notarize a minor's theater permit to be considered for the part by no later than Jan 16, 2018. This form must be both mailed via postal service to:

Virginia Department of Labor and Industry North Run Business Park 1570 East Parham Road Richmond, Virginia 23228-2360

as well as emailed to Olivia Williams before or on January 16. For assistance with completing the form please email Olivia. For details about the audition contact Jenna Black, our Casting Director.


Audition Instructions

★☆✧✩✰Video submissions are preferred. ★☆✧✩✰

Upload your 1- minute monologue video submission to Youtube and send the link along with your headshot, and resume to Jenna Black or submit a video link to an uploaded Google drive video. Please include "Auditions BRAVERY" in the subject bar ALONG WITH the name of the character you wish to audition for. In your video Slate your name, role auditioning for and availability.

If you would like to schedule an in person audition please email Jenna Black( )to request an appointment slot between 3:30pm- 8:30pm on January 16, 2018. Please include "Auditions - BRAVERY " in the subject bar ALONG WITH the character name you wish to audition for with attached headshot, resume and reel (if applicable) to your email.

There are no sides, however, please note the following when choosing a monologue:

Owen- Scene 2 (he has to show a tender but authoritative demeanor. Owen is like a big brother to little Ben and makes him feel like one of the grown-ups)

Alice - Scene 2 (she has to show a tender side, and grief, but also be a mama bear when it comes to protecting her family.)

Ryan -loves life and makes learning fun, but is also intensely focused and passionate. He has to have a certain likable charisma.

Ben - Because his reactions are mostly non-verbal, I need the person auditioning to show a capacity for intense emotions, intense anger, and sadness (grief). But still be a tender child with innocence.



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